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Pork Chop Kings

Jun 30, 2020

We cut up a really long episode. Topics include; getting tested for Covid, being in quarantine, freedom from art and the oncoming wave of evictions. Who could've guessed that Ron DeSantis would've done a poor job at his whole thing? Who could believe that people who are interested in profit are excited to buy up large...

Jun 17, 2020

This is one of Matt Gaetz hot takes compilations from last week in his new very good podcast. Our take? Tepid. Luke warm takes. Have fun.

Outro- It's a War- Trampled By Turtles

Credit to Matt Gaetz pod 24 I guess to avoid legal action. I dunno. I guess it would be good publicity for the pod if Matt Gaetz sued a podcast...

Jun 13, 2020

Sometimes you gotta pork your friends up from protests.

bail fund for FL


May 30, 2020

Hey guys. This episode is mostly about our good friends Marco, Rick and Ron and how cool they are. On a very serious note, the police have murdered two people in the last few months, and another was murdered by vigilanties. In all cases, these murders were not prosecuted or taken seriously until public pressure caused...

Apr 29, 2020

It makes you poop. Got a letter in the mail from US Rep. Kathy Castor and I had some thoughts. Maybe I do this more?