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Pork Chop Kings

Jun 10, 2019

Got more T then we know what to do with as pod season continues. Adam once again provides little in the way of substance, but a great deal in the way of masculinity. John reads the newspaper for most of the cast about fun subjects like our Big Boy Governor signing laws, the death penalty, real estate, and Mike Hill...

Jun 5, 2019

Matt Gaetz got milkshaked, Ron DeSantis went to Israel, making dubious claims and bringing a retinue of about 100, including many lobbyists, Carnival Cruise loves dumping poop and Adam loves the void. Thanks for listening. Also, Mike Hill is bad.

Intro- Florida Boy by Rick Ross

Outro- Smoko by The Chats


Apr 29, 2019

Fresh from the front of the Florida posting wars, our very average t dudes are back at this, the end of another month. Topics include, nobody knows the richest man in Florida, He Said She Said and how good it is, and between two cities we have made the West. Turns out, the legislature doesn't want to worry about...

Mar 21, 2019

Your kings have returned to talk real hog stuff. Adam has officially become a king, deserving of all the privileges and rights thereof. Like suffering the wasting brain disease that leads one to follow one JW Grant's Twitter account and latest attempt to take away peoples rights. He also calls John a keyboard,...

Mar 4, 2019

John and Dave take a very much needed trip into our beautiful state politics. We love it. All our friends are here. Ron, Matt Gaetz, Joe Gruters, intravenous drugs, and Ron Book. Charter schools are in! Not drilling for oil in the Everglades is out. Criminal justice reform is in, not spreading aids is out! One day we...