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Pork Chop Kings

Mar 21, 2019

Your kings have returned to talk real hog stuff. Adam has officially become a king, deserving of all the privileges and rights thereof. Like suffering the wasting brain disease that leads one to follow one JW Grant's Twitter account and latest attempt to take away peoples rights. He also calls John a keyboard,...

Mar 4, 2019

John and Dave take a very much needed trip into our beautiful state politics. We love it. All our friends are here. Ron, Matt Gaetz, Joe Gruters, intravenous drugs, and Ron Book. Charter schools are in! Not drilling for oil in the Everglades is out. Criminal justice reform is in, not spreading aids is out! One day we...

Jan 25, 2019

This is the end of history. Also type Ron Desantis and Tampa Bay Times in google and see how many articles come up that mention he is a) not Rick Scott and b) defying expectations. Go ahead. #pitbullisneverabadinvestment

Dec 26, 2018

Hey. Merry Christmas. Here you go. Blaise Ingoglia wants to frack Florida. Sparkman's Wharf is an abomination. Weed is not affordable. Ron Desantis is a big ol' d-bag and there were some poor choices made by the previous administration. 

Nov 25, 2018

The Kings are back and they are super serious about Sticky Nicki Fried and the bongwater backwash of the recent election/recount/letdown (Other then Anna V. Eskamani and Carlos Smith, also Dianne Hart). Also, invasive species in Florida, specifically monkeys. Ummmm...we need somebody else to be our Chainsaw Daddy.